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10 Steps to Consider when Moving to Multi-Space Parking
This white paper reviews key considerations for creating a parking program that fits your city's needs when thinking about multi-space parking meters -- whether moving from free to paid parking or replacing outdated single-head meters.
Building a Smarter IT Infrastructure for Local Government
Learn how to deliver fast and available online government services with greater efficiency.
BYOD & HIPAA Breaches at Hospitals Infographic
BYOD & HIPPA Breaches at Hospitals.
Consolidation with HP Multifunction Printers Saves Money, Time for State
The policy of keeping old printers was supposed to save money.
Drone Wars: How UAV Tech Is Transforming the Future of War
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Federal Computer Week
Focuses on the business value of technology in government.
Fierce Government IT
Is a free, three times a week email briefing for government employees and contractors on the latest government technology news.
Fierce Homeland Security
Tracks the latest news and developments in domestic national security.
Fierce Mobile Government
Tracks developments in federal, state and local governments' efforts to adopt consumer mobile technology in both citizen-facing and enterprise-wide efforts.
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