Ellos Catalog

Ellos Catalog

Let’s face it: Finding appropriate clothing as a plus-sized woman isn’t easy. Many of the big-name brands out there only cater to a handful of stock sizes. Even if you do manage to find a size that works for you, most of those garments simply aren’t fashion-forward enough to live up to current trends. On top of that, they’re usually ill-fitted and not tailored to address your body’s needs.

With the Ellos catalog, you can kiss those struggles goodbye! The Ellos brand is devoted to providing fashionable clothing items to curvier women. You can find items in sizes ranging from 10 to over 34. Best of all, these items are specially made to fit your body type. They’re not an afterthought modeled off of sample sizes. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that these garments will complement your body, hug your curves, and provide a flattering fit.

Fill your wardrobe with clothing for every occasion. One of the most noteworthy product lines that Ellos offers is the dress collection. You can find fun and flirty dresses for every special moment in your life. Pick up a party dress filled with frilly lace and eye-catching detail. Ellos has a nice collection of silhouettes to choose from, making it easy to find a dance-ready item.

The brand also carries everyday dresses to add some whimsy to your everyday life. Pick up a sleek wrap dress that’s ready for accessorizing. Or, choose an A-line or maxi dress to show off your personality. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to stand out amongst the crowd.

Ellos has you covered with flattering tops, too. There’s no shortage of stylish options to choose from. You can get form-fitting tees or tank tops for everyday wear. They make good basics as well! For those moments when you need something a bit more formal, such as work or elegant nights out, Ellos has some great blouses to choose from. These blouses utilize comfortable materials and have unique silhouettes that look good on every woman’s body.

No wardrobe is complete without some comfortable bottoms. At Ellos, you’re not limited to a specific cut or material. The brand has it all! This includes flattering jeans. Denim is notoriously difficult for plus-sized women to shop for. Ellos makes it easy. Of course, you’ll also find some summer-ready shorts, cozy leggings, and a nice collection of versatile skirts.

Shoes and accessories are up for grabs at Ellos, too! The brand carries a sizable collection of shoes to complement your outfits. You can pick up some cozy sneakers, elegant heels, and much more.

Gone are the days of struggling with ill-fitting garments! The Ellos catalog is a must-have for any plus-size woman. The products you’ll find are all inspired by the latest trends in the fashion world. Plus, they’re made to complement your curves instead of hiding them!