Blick Free Art & Craft Catalog

Blick's Art & Craft Catalog

An artist is only as good as their tools! You can’t expect to create magic when you’re using substandard supplies. Treat yourself to the very best, and give your hands the power they need to produce something awe-inspiring!

Blick is a trusted source of art supplies and equipment. The Blick catalog is filled to the brim with gear that caters to professional artists and hobbyists alike. Let your creativity run wild and gain inspiration from the products you’ll find. No matter your medium of choice, there’s tons of beauty to discover!

If you’re a painter, start your shopping trip by picking up something to hold your art. Blick offers a wide range of painting surfaces to meet your needs. Get pre-stretched canvas in a myriad of sizes. From massive wall-covering units to teeny pocket-sized canvases, Blick has you covered.

You can also pick up canvas rolls, stretcher bars, and bracers to create a custom painting surface. With all the tools you’d ever need at your disposal, Blick offers the utmost flexibility.

Of course, you can’t continue without painting tools. Luckily, Blick has you covered there, too.

Blick carries every brush design and style you can imagine! The collection is a painter’s dream! Whether it’s fine-tipped brushes for intricate details or unique fan brushes to create distinct strokes, you’ll find it here!

It’s not just about the style of the bristles. The material also has an impact. Luckily, Blick carries everything from affordable synthetic brushes to natural-hair brushes. You can also find complete sets, bulk packs for classrooms, and more. Blick also has painting tools, holders, palettes, and more!

Need a surface to work your magic? Invest in a brand-new easel. Blick offers a wide array of easel styles. Kids can benefit from a short, dual-sided easel or a teacher’s easel. Meanwhile, artists who work in a studio can reap the rewards of having a sturdy model in their preferred workspace. You can also find portable easels, metal-frame options, and more.

Other types of workspace furniture is available as well. Deck out your creative space and create the studio of your dreams! From massive work tables to storage cabinets for all the essentials, Blick makes it easy to build the custom art space you’ve always wanted!

Once you get the right tools and set up your space, you can pick up some supplies to make your visions a reality.

Illustrators and artists who work with paper medium have tons to discover. Try your hand at traditional pencil art or pastels. The Blick catalog has a myriad of color pencil sets and graphite tools. You can also find oil pastels, soft pastels, and more. The great thing about Blick is that there’s something for every skill level and price range.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or you’re an artist who knows what they like. Blick has the goods you need to create your masterpiece!

If you prefer more vibrant artwork, you can try the markers, pens, and inks. They’re perfect for graphic artists, advertisers, and more. Of course, Blick has tons of kid-friendly items, too. Pick up all the crayons, markers, and chalk you need to let young minds explore!

Artists who prefer to work with paint have all kinds of beautiful products to look through. Blick carries acrylic paint, oils, watercolor, gouache, spray paint, and so much more! Experiment and see what works for you. Or, stick with your old reliable. Either way, Blick is a fantastic source to stock up. You’ll find all your favorite brands and discover plenty of new ones to try out as your art evolves.

The Blick catalog is a must-have for creative minds! Whether you prefer the more traditional mediums or want to get your hands dirty with clay sculptures, Blick can make it happen. Unleash your creative spirit and let your imagination run wild. With Blick by your side, the sky’s the limit!