Crate & Barrel Catalog

Crate & Barrel Catalog

Your home says a lot about who you are. The furniture and decor you fill it with are more than just aesthetics. They represent you and your family. All the while, those items serve as a backdrop for some of life’s most amazing memories. Your furniture is there for every loving moment you share and every milestone you move past.

While some might treat furniture as an afterthought, it plays a more significant part in your life than you realize. So why stick with dull furniture you don’t like? Instead of settling for simple things, indulge in pieces you can cherish for a lifetime!

Crate & Barrel is one of the most recognizable names in interior design. The brand’s catalog features pages of design inspiration and hundreds of must-have products you’ll love. Use them to create a lovely and inviting home you’ll never want to leave.

There’s something for every room. Crate & Barrel offers pieces that are both functional and beautiful. The brand does a fantastic job of marrying modern aesthetics with timeless appeal.

Don’t worry: The products cater to current trends but have a classic style that will look beautiful in the decades to come. Best of all is the quality. These items are built to last!

Ready to redesign your home? Flip through the Crate & Barrel catalog pages to find furniture pieces that anchor every room. The furniture is well-made and features classic lines, beautiful finishes, and gorgeous hardware!

There’s no shortage of great items for every room in your home. For the living room, you can invest in a massive sectional sofa the entire family can enjoy for movie nights. You’ll also find functional coffee tables, entertainment centers, and more.

In the bedroom, get a breathtaking bed to sink into every night. Crate & Barrel also has complete bedroom sets that contain dressers, nightstands, and more. Make things easy with a matching set, or build your own look with separates. The choice is yours!

Dining room furniture, office desks, and more are all up for grabs. Get pieces to adorn your home, or invest in an eye-catching accent piece to get people talking. Either way, these items look great in any home.

Crate & Barrel has plenty of smaller decorative goods to accompany those larger furniture items. Look through the linens collection to find throw pillows, curtains, blankets, bedsheets, and more. They add a touch of softness to your home and can help you create a color story that matches your design scheme.

The same goes for other items like light fixtures and knickknacks. Lights can illuminate every dark corner of your house. Meanwhile, the smaller random decorative items fill up space and act as a vessel to put your family’s personality on full display. Use them to line open shelves and add a touch of whimsy wherever you can.

Crate & Barrel offers more than aesthetic pieces. If you need functional items you can use every day, Crate & Barrel has you covered. There’s no more remarkable example of the brand’s versatility than kitchen and dining goods selection.

Find your next set of reliable cookware! Premium pots and pans are perfect for cooking meals that send mouth-watering aromas throughout your house. You’ll also find high-quality small appliances, utensils, cutlery, aprons, and more.

That same unique style of functionality is available for dining products. Get a picturesque table setting your family and guests can enjoy with every meal! Invest in unique dinnerware and have a set of fine china available for every special moment.

Crate & Barrel has countless products that can shape your memories for a lifetime. Check out the catalog for yourself! There’s a good chance you’ll find a treasure trove of goods you can’t help but buy!