Design Toscano Catalog

Design Toscano Catalog

Are you tired of traditional furniture styles? There’s nothing wrong with universally appealing items from big-box stores and recognizable brands. Modern and contemporary decorative styles have a lot to offer. But sometimes, you want something with a little more whimsy. That’s where Design Toscano comes in!

The Design Toscano catalog is a feast for the eyes! Every page features unique items that cater to those who like to think outside the box. Whether you’re looking to invest in large furniture pieces or you want decor that infuses some life and personality in your home, it’s all here!

Design Toscano is anything but ordinary. The products you’ll find are the epitome of uniqueness, and they’re great for expressing your individuality.

If new furniture is what you’re after, there are tons to discover at Design Toscano. Get a brand-new accent table, desk, dining set, or side console. These pieces are functional, and the collection has items for every room.

As for style, you have many options at your disposal! Stick to a classic baroque aesthetic full of frilly details and intricate woodwork. Alternatively, you can dip your toes into the world of fantasy with ornate tables that double as sculptures of mermaids, dragons, and other mythical creatures. These tables aren’t your average dull surfaces. They’re works of art and will undoubtedly become a source of conversation in whatever room you put them in.

The same out-of-the-box style is available for benches, bar cabinets, chairs, and more. Live your Victorian fantasy with an ornate gossip bench or fainting couch. Then, head outdoors and appreciate your garden on a neoclassical bench that looks carved out of marble! Whatever you choose, the furniture at Design Toscano is sure to turn heads.

If you don’t have the room for full furniture items, there are plenty of smaller decorative items that fulfill the need for unique aesthetics. Invest in beautiful statues depicting scenes of Greek mythology, enchanted fairytales, or elements of ancient lore. The statue collection is vast, and there’s something for everyone. Design Toscano has something you’ll love, whether you enjoy angels, Egyptian mythology, animals, or nightmarish figures.

Don’t forget to add some personality to your backyard space. Design Toscano has some great items to create a garden worth visiting every day. Find unique sculptures that perfectly accompany plant life and hardscaping. Add some whimsical fairies and woodland creatures for a fun surprise to anyone that visits.

Pair the outdoor items with one of Design Toscano’s many benches, and it’s easy to create a distinct theme. You’ll even find breathtaking fountains and water features. The outdoor water features fountains have the unique sculpted details as the statues. But, they play with water and light to add a new element of beauty to your property.

The great thing about the Design Toscano catalog is that you can easily find products that fit a particular theme. Say, for example, that you’re trying to create a room that gives off a specific vibe. You can find several products that meet your aesthetic needs, eliminating the hassle of shopping at more than one store. Find it all at Design Toscano and have a cohesive look that sets the mood.

What kinds of themes are available? You can find furniture items and home decor that include angels, mermaids, aliens, dragons, zombies, steampunk aesthetics, French culture, Americana design, tropical style, and so much more.

When you want decor and furniture beyond the ordinary, turn to Design Toscano. The Design Toscano is an artist’s dream. It’s a valuable source of inspiration for creative individuals who want something more than basic aesthetics you can get anywhere.

Design Toscano is about standing out and expressing your individuality. Take a look at the Design Toscano catalog for yourself and uncover unique finds you can use to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.