Harry & David Catalog

Harry & David Catalog

When it comes to giving gifts, nothing beats the joy that comes from gourmet food! In addition to being able to provide new culinary experiences, premium cuisine is a safe gift that everyone can benefit from. Who doesn’t love snacking?

The new catalog from Harry & David is filled to the brim with products to suit anyone’s palate. There are snacks with mild flavors to suit those with conservative tastes and wilder options for those foodies in your life. No matter which gift you choose, you can rest easy knowing that it will arrive fresh, packaged, and ready for gifting.

If you’re looking to give a savory gift, Harry & David have plenty of suitable products for you to choose from. Take a look through the brand’s collection and you’ll find everything from salty nuts to hearty soups. The nut mixes, in particular, offer the perfect snack for game-time relaxation. Get individual packages of your recipient’s favorite nut or select an assortment to give them something new to try.

You can’t go wrong with cheese! Cheese bundles allow you to take a trip around the world by tasting unique flavor profiles from exotic cheeses. Instead of sticking to boring old mozzarella, you can try gourmet smoked and seasoned cheeses.

It doesn’t stop at savory. Harry & David have a nice assortment of sweet treats, too. Take a look through the catalog and you’ll find many fruit and candy boxes. Harry & David specializes in gourmet pears. They’re individually wrapped and can be paired with a complimentary wine or cheese bundle.

Are desserts more up your alley? Check out the baked goods you can get from Harry & David. Delicate truffles are yours for the taking to surprise your loved ones on those romantic getaways. To give the entire family a treat, Harry & David also have a large selection of cakes, cookies, and more. Indulge yourself on cheesecake or follow tradition with a gourmet Baklava. The choice is yours.

When you’re done shopping for everyone else, browse through the gourmet food and wine section. The company provides party-ready foods that are sure to impress. Use these foods to prepare a five-course meal for your dinner guests or simply spice up your pantry for the next family meal.

You can find everything from appetizers to entrees. Harry & David even offers premium steak and lobster platters for those special occasions where you want to indulge in gourmet cuisine!

All in all, Harry & David has a lot to offer everyone. There’s no need to go grocery shopping or worry about long pickup lines. Just order your favorite foods and snacks. Every gift basket and gourmet food item you order is delivered right to your door. What’s not to like?