In the Company of Dogs Catalog

In the Company of Dogs Catalog

If you’re like most modern dog owners, your pets are a huge part of your life! They’re more than just animals that happen to live with you for protection or utility. They’re part of the family! Don’t they deserve the very best like the rest of your family?

When you shop from In the Company of Dogs, you can treat your canine companion to all the goods they need to live comfortably. The brand’s catalog is filled to the brim with products, making it a must-have resource for all dog owners. Regardless of how many pups you have, their breed, or their age, In the Company of Dogs has you covered.

Need to make your home as dog-friendly as possible? There’s a lot of great gear from In the Company of Dogs to discover.

Let’s face it: Your furry friend can be a nightmare to clean up after. Keeping your home looking presentable isn’t always easy, from wiping up slobber to raking fur off every conceivable surface. Luckily, In the Company of Dogs has some great products to keep things protected.

Invest in couch covers, furniture protectors, rugs, and dog-friendly throws. They let your pups enjoy all the comfort your furniture has to offer. But, it ensures that the mess they leave behind doesn’t ruin a thing.

You can also keep your dogs out of places they shouldn’t be. In the Company of Dogs offers a wide selection of pet gates, kennels, and more. They come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to find a good fit for your home and dog.

Many of the gates and crates work wonders for training, too. With the proper techniques, they become an invaluable training tool for housebreaking. Plus, they become a safe space for your dog whenever they need quiet time. It’s a win-win all around!

Of course, there’s no better haven than a cozy dog bed. Luckily, In the Company of Dogs has tons of fantastic beds your pooch will love. Beds come in many shapes and sizes, so finding one that meets your dog’s unique needs is a cinch. Whether they prefer classic sprawler-style beds, units with large bolsters to lean on, or plush poofs for curling up, it’s all here.

Many of the beds utilize specialty stuffing, too. Find orthopedic and memory foam beds for senior dogs with joint problems. Alternatively, you can go with beds that have loose-fill and plenty of plush faux fur for a super-luxurious night. Either way, your dog will love you for it!

The In the Company of Dogs catalog is more than just home goods. It’s also an excellent resource for items your pooch will use every day.

Take, for example, collars and leashes. These days, you can’t go anywhere unless your dogs are all securely contained with a reliable leash. Get the gear your canine friend needs to stay safe no matter where your adventures take you.

Pick up collars in vibrant colors for enhanced visibility. Many also have reflected components for nighttime walks. If you want to ditch traditional dog tags, you can even order custom collars with your pup’s name and your contact information.

In the Company of Dogs carries plenty of specialty equipment, too. For example, you can invest in a training device to stop your dog from pulling you along every walk. Harnesses for safer containment, muzzles for bite protection, and rear lift slings for older dogs are also available.

If you want to put your pup’s personality on full display while protecting them from the cold, you can also find dog apparel. Many sizes and styles are up for grabs, making it easy to build a fashion-forward closet for your four-legged friend.

No matter what kinds of goods you’re looking to buy for humankind’s best friend, there’s a good chance that In the Company of Dogs has it. In addition to the items covered, this catalog has toys, treats, health supplies, and even products for canine lovers. Check it out yourself and see what goods you and your dogs can enjoy.