Johnny Was Catalog

Johnny Was Catalog

Tired of the same-old glitz and glam of modern-day female fashion? You’re not alone! Fashion mainstays are quickly becoming too over-the-top and impersonal for many women. Rather than reflecting an adventurous nature, many brands focus too much on the status garments can symbolize.

Luckily, Johnny Was is not one of those brands! The Johnny Was catalog has pages of bohemian-inspired fashions. Each garment will represent your carefree attitude, creative mind, and taste for exploration. Johnny Was fashions are motivated by nature, capturing the beauty that surrounds us every day!

Give your wardrobe a chic makeover with must-have fashions that suit every occasion.

Begin by browsing the top collection. Johnny Was doesn’t just offer simple button-up blouses and tee shirts. You’re going to find a myriad of fun silhouettes that put your free spirit on full display! Uncover loose-fitting tunics, peasant-style shirts, flowing blouses, and more.

One thing you’ll notice about Johnny Was garments is that they utilize unique patterns and premium fabrics. The materials provide movement! They flow in the wind, helping you become one with nature. The same goes for the prints. From breathtaking florals to tribal-inspired geometric patterns, the aesthetics on these tops are second-to-none!

Pair your new tops with some inspiring bottoms. Choose from one of the many comfortable drawstring pants and shorts. Loose flare pants, joggers, skin-tight leggings, and embroidered jeans are up for grabs, too. Of course, every piece has that special boho touch.

Johnny Was offers plenty of standout pieces as well. Check out the dress collection to find something that makes you feel beautiful. Loose cuts are the name of the game in the Johnny Was catalog. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the dresses won’t flatter your figure!

The designers at Johnny Was have mastered the art of accentuating a feminine figure without resorting to body-hugging silhouettes. Whether you choose a full-length maxi dress or a beach-ready tunic dress, these garments are comfortable and freeing.

Don’t forget about the accessories! Johhny Was has everything you need to put the finishing touch on your outfit. Pick up some stunning beaded jewelry, a functional leather bag, or a breezy scarf. You can even find kimonos, swimwear, and home goods.

If you prioritize sustainable fashions, Johnny Was has you covered. The brand continues to innovate, creating new textiles that have the potential to change the fashion industry. The sustainable line is ever-growing, features environmentally and socially conscious textiles. Find garments made out of hemp, organic cotton, and cellulose fiber.

Johnny Was is a brand for the free-spirited woman! The catalog is filled to the brim with bohemian stylings inspired by nature and boundless cultures. Take a journey every time you walk into your closet and wrap yourself up in garments that invigorate the soul!