Lehman's General Store Catalog

Lehman's General Store Catalog

Tired of over-complicated products that you have to replace year after year? You’re not alone! While modern tools and home goods have a lot to offer in terms of convenience, simpler alternatives can become lasting heirlooms. As the saying goes, “They just don’t make things like they used to!”

In the Lehman’s catalog, you can find a wealth of products that will stand the test of time. You won’t find the latest and greatest in technology. But, you can invest in high-quality goods that help you live a much simpler life.

If you have a large backyard garden you’re looking to cultivate, Lehman’s has you covered! Pick up some Amish-made hand tools to help you tackle all of your gardening tasks. Lehman’s has no shortage of unique tools to choose from. From premium hand-made axes to innovative lawn care gadgets, these tools rival their powered counterparts.

Create the lush garden you’ve always wanted with heirloom seeds and beautiful planters. Lehmans also offers homesteading gear, beekeeping supplies, and even animal care products! No matter what kind of lifestyle you live, there’s something for everyone.

The Lehman’s catalog has plenty of goods for inside your home, too. Shop from the brand’s sizable lighting collection to find standout pieces to adorn your living room. Or, search through the handmade textile collection to invest in lasting linens for your bed or couch.

Stoves and fireplaces are up for grabs as well! Choose a vintage-inspired wood-burning stove to keep your home warm all winter long. There are also some great hearth accessories to help you maintain your existing fireplace. If you want to simplify your kitchen, Lehman’s also has custom cooking appliances and has an impressive collection of restored vintage pieces!

When you’re ready to start creating delicious cuisine in your new kitchen, Lehman’s has you covered! Pick up a custom piece of cast iron cookware. With the right seasoning and care, it can be something you pass onto your children and grandchildren! The same goes for Lehman’s food prep gadgets, juicers, butter-makers, baking supplies, and specialty tools.

Believe it or not, Lehman’s also has some great food items to try out! Try out some pantry staples. Made without all of the chemicals and overprocessing, these foods can last you a long time. Stock up to whether to have an endless supply of old-fashioned food on hand! You’ll choose from dry pantry mixes, noodles, sauces, preserves, and so much more!

The Lehman’s catalog harkens back to the days before smartphones and constant connectivity. While much of society has moved on to a more complex way of living, Lehman’s aims to preserve tradition. Take a look at what Lehman’s has to offer. There’s a lot to discover and enjoy.