Newark Computer Supply Catalog

Newark Computer Supply Catalog

While the world of consumer electronics is quite vast, all of those gadgets have to start from somewhere. Creating custom electronics from the ground up requires hundreds of minute components. Imagine being able to source all of those supplies from one place. With the Newark catalog, you can do just that.

Newark is an established distributor that offers millions of products to suit your needs. No matter where you are in the build stage, the company has the necessary gear you need to bring your ideas to fruition.

The product selection from Newark is particularly useful to those in the STEM fields. Development kits and custom circuitry boards are available to inspire budding inventors. The company also supports educators who are teaching the students that will change the face of technology.

Educators and professionals alike can choose from a wide range of essential components. Pick up some passive parts, such as resistors, capacitors, electronic filters, and more. Of course, Newark has every value and tolerance imaginable, making it easy for you to stock up and have your essentials on hand whenever inspiration strikes.

No project is complete without connectors. You can find tons of board connectors, terminal blocks, and even cables to fully customize your project. To make things easier for experimentation, Newark has a wide range of development boards as well. They’re perfect for prototyping and getting a better understanding of how certain components will perform in a real product.

If you’re working on something a bit more complex, Newark has you covered there, too. Embedded computers with pre-built boards help creators jump ahead and focus on other aspects of the build. Most of the available products are ready straight out of the box. Many have Wi-Fi capabilities and are versatile enough to be programmed to meet your exact needs. Newark offers systems from many big-name brands, such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and AVR.

Newark has no shortage of specialty components that you can use to complete your build. Take advantage of electromechanical units to turn those electrical signals into physical movements in the real world. Switches, relays, customizable motors, and more are up for grabs. You can even invest in LCD screens, LED lighting systems, and speakers to bring your prototype to life.

Another important part of the prototyping process to consider is testing. Luckily, Newark offers tools to get accurate information about your build. Powerful oscilloscopes, multimeters, and data acquisition systems work to provide you with precise information about the performance of your project.

Let Newark be your one-stop shop for all things electronics. Every page is filled with something that you can use to push your skills further and enhance projects for the better. Whether you’re an educator, hobbyist, or working professional, the Newark catalog is a must-have for your workshop.