Nueske's Smoked Meats Catalog

Nueske's Smoked Meats Catalog

Looking to find a unique gift your recipient will love? What about a tasty treat for yourself? No matter who you’re shopping for, you’re sure to find something great in the Nueske’s catalog.

Nueske’s has a long history of creating some of the finest meat products around. The company continues to use a traditional method of smoking and curing meats. Why fix what isn’t broken? Of course, the famed meat company has developed new products to fit the needs of modern palates.

Take one look through the bacon section and you’re sure to start salivating. Pick up a pack of traditional Applewood smoked bacon to start your mornings off on the right foot.

Feeling adventurous? Select one of Nueske’s many sampler packs and gift bundles. These collections are filled with several gourmet flavors for you to try out. They all come in beautifully designed packaging as well, making them an excellent option for your favorite bacon enthusiast!

If you’re craving sausage, Nueske’s has you covered. The company offers an impressive collection of flavors. There are breakfast sausages to accompany your flavored bacon and snack sausages that you can use to create gourmet Hors d’oeuvre.

The beauty of Nueske’s products is that they can be prepared a number of different ways. All of the smoked sausages are fully cooked and ready to eat. You can pop them out of the packaging and enjoy them immediately. Alternatively, they can be warmed and cooked to meet your preferences.

Toss one of the many sausage products on the grill and whip up some premium gourmet hotdogs. Or, slice them up and use them for a pop of flavor in your favorite dish. The choice is yours.

Beyond bacon and sausage, Nueske’s has some great meat products that can add a touch of sophistication to your next family dinner. The smoked ham products are perfect for get-togethers and holiday dinners. There are even duck, chicken, and turkey goods! Check out the applewood smoked whole turkey and imagine how it’ll look on your dinner table!

While meat is what Nueske’s is most known for, the company certainly has more to offer. One type of product that’s worth your attention are the cheeses. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a cheese connoisseur in your life or you simply want to try new flavors, you’re sure to find a suitable option in this catalog. Give the Sartori Artisan sampler or Wisconsin Cheese bundle a try.

When you’ve had your fill of meat and cheese, Nueske’s dessert selection is a great way to finish off a meal. You can choose from decadent Danish Kringles, indulgent fudge, or creamy cheesecake.

There’s no shortage of gourmet goods you can get from Nueske’s. All of the products are carefully cured and packed full of flavor. When you choose a gift for someone in your life, make sure you treat yourself to something, too. You won’t regret it!