Roaman's Clothing Catalog

Roaman's Clothing Catalog

Find clothes that flatter your body and make you feel comfortable in your own skin. The Roaman’s catalog is a premiere clothing provider for plus-size women. The brand offers a vast collection of garments that cater to curvier silhouettes. Dress up for every occasion and reclaim your confidence through flattering cuts, cozy fabrics, and shapes that accentuate all the parts of your body you love most. No matter your style, you can find something that makes you feel special at Roaman’s.

Let’s face it: Shopping for clothing as a plus-size woman is never easy. Designers tend to focus their attention on sample sizing. Anything above that is a simple copy with all the exact proportions of the smaller version.

But that’s not how dressing for bigger figures work. Plus-sized gals are voluptuous, sporting curves in all the right places. A garment designed around a smaller size isn’t going to accommodate the needs of someone with a curvy body.

Luckily, Roaman’s doesn’t treat bigger sizes as an afterthought. The Roaman’s catalog exclusively caters to plus-size women! You’ll find a ton of great pieces to breathe new life into your closet. Finally, you can invest in clothing that’s comfortable and flattering to your figure!

If it’s tops you’re after, there’s a rich assortment of goods to discover! Roaman’s has tops for all occasions. Keep things casual with a tank top, tee, or tunic. You’ll find a myriad of fun colors and unique silhouettes. Many pieces accentuate a feminine hourglass shape, ensuring that you feel sexy no matter what!

Roaman’s does a great job of separating styles while still keeping things cohesive. As a result, mixing and matching are a breeze. Pick up neutral basics before adding layers for a custom look. With everything from loose-fitting sweatshirts to ornate blouses, it’s never been easier to create a distinct style. Plus, the mix-and-match nature lets you have a world of outfit possibilities out of just a handful of pieces!

The size selection is pretty vast. Roamans carry sizes 12W to 44W. Petite and Tall sizes are available, too. Try finding that variety at your local department store!

The same dedication to inclusive sizing exists within the bottom collection. Shopping for bottoms can be a nightmare when you’re a curvier lady. Puckering fabrics and fits that feel like a torture device are all too common!

Fortunately, Roaman’s understands the struggle! Flip through the catalog to find tons of great pieces. You may even come across some styles you never thought you could pull off. For example, many full-figured women feel that they can’t rock leggings or skirts.

In most of those cases, it’s because they’re looking at garments that were designed around sample sizes. When you have a well-made bottom built for your body, it’s a brand-new shopping experience. From maxi skirts to summer-ready shorts, Roaman’s has it all!

Want to pick up an outfit for an extra special event? Try a dress on for size! Roamans has a dress for all of life’s memorable moments. Stay modest with full-length dresses that offer a professional appeal. Or, go flirty with lacey fabrics, flowing cuts, and all the fancy accouterments you could ever imagine. The choice is yours, and you finally have the wide selection you’ve always wanted to look through!

Here’s another challenging item to find when shopping as a plus-sized woman: Intimates that fit correctly! Bras and panties are supposed to hug your curves. But when you shop among brands that don’t cater to larger figures, you’ll end up dealing with unsupportive structures and painful fits.

Roamans offers bra sizes up to 56J! Gone are the days for settling for a piece that’s “good enough.” Now, you can get something that works for your body. It’s what you deserve!

You can discover many different styles of bras. Find something feels good for you, or choose multiple options to go with specific outfits. The sky’s the limit! The same goes for panties, sleepwear, and loungewear. You’ll also find some great shapewear! These pieces are about making your clothes fit a little better. Create a smoother look to complement every garment.

Take a look through the Roaman’s catalog and see what goods you can find. Roaman’s offers an impressive collection that will make you feel confident and ready to conquer the world!