The Sharper Image Catalog

Sharper Image Catalog

Who doesn’t love electronics? We live in an age of innovation, and for the last several decades, Sharper Image has been the face of it all! That trend continues today!

The Sharper Image catalog is your prime source for unique gadgets and innovative electronics. Technology is quickly evolving, and new ideas come out of the woodwork to inspire us all. When you shop from Sharper Image, you’ll find products you can’t get anywhere else.

These products are a step out of the ordinary with a touch of imagination and a spark of whimsical appeal. Yet, many of them are functional enough to change how you live. Offering loads of convenience and plenty of pizzaz, these gadgets are nothing short of remarkable!

Shop for yourself or a loved one. No matter who you’re buying for, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something uniquely impressive.

Sharper Image shines bright in its home collection. Here, you’ll find all kinds of odds and ends that tackle problems you never knew you had. Create an intelligent home chock full of advanced technology!

For example, you can make the air easier to breathe with powerful air purifiers. They don’t look like they’re doing much, but these machines can cut back on airborne pathogens and keep your home healthy. Sharper Image has many purifiers with HEPA filters. Some also utilize ionic technology!

Plenty of fans and heaters are available, too. They can keep you comfortable no matter what the temperature outside. Many of the products have a unique twist. Take the tabletop fireplace as an example. Instead of using electricity, you can roast some marshmallows and get warm by a fire! Another good example is the outdoor fan with a built-in evaporative cooler. It’s like having a portable AC you can take anywhere!

Want to deck your home out in smart gadgets? Sharper Image has you covered! Buy smart locks powered by Bluetooth or biometric data. Or, invest in a portable speaker with a built-in voice assistant. Discrete cameras, remote-controlled outlet switches, intelligent safes, and more are available, too.

That’s a small example of the home goods you can get at Sharper Image.

If you really want to impress others, check out the electronics selection. The Sharper Image catalog has more than just your average smartphone or television. Remember: This brand is all about thinking outside the box and offering products you never knew you needed!

There’s plenty to discover. Keep your mobile devices charged with a multi-purpose charging station. You can also find goods that increase the functionality of your favorite gadgets. For example, you can print all your smartphone photos with a portable printer. Or, you can save them on the portable photo vault for use later.

Sharper Image also has some great audio and visual equipment. Enjoy your favorite tunes untethered with a set of Bluetooth-powered headphones. Then, watch in awe as you splash your favorite movie on a massive blow-up projector screen! Sharper Image even has theater seating with tons of bells and whistles.

Check out the toy selection when you’re ready to have some child-like fun. Sharper Image is no stranger to fun toys! Perfect for kids and those who are kids at heart, these gadgets embody innocent fun!

Try your hand at virtual reality. Pop on a pair of goggles, grab a light gun, and aim for the highest score! Then, see who is the winner in virtual pong or laser-projected space blasters battle.

Let the entire family get in on the fun with full-sized arcade machines, massive floor pianos, backyard games, and so much more.

The Sharper Image catalog has so many unique products to uncover. Even if you don’t have anything you want in mind, there’s a good chance you’ll find many hidden gems you can’t help but buy! See what goods you can find.