Frontgate Catalog

Frontgate Catalog

Your furniture is more than just stuff to fill your house. Even if it serves a specific function, each piece tells a story. These are items you build memories around! They’re the backdrop of your life story. Don’t you want those memories to have the very best?

If so, check out the Frontgate catalog. Frontgate is a unique brand that understands how vital functional, long-lasting furniture is to modern families. Marrying impeccable design with robust build quality, these pieces aren’t your average big-box finds. They’re pieces you’ll love to use. Find your style and pick pieces that represent who your family is!

Your furniture says a lot about who you are, so find pieces that shape your everyday life.

Frontgate is most known for its killer outdoor lineup. Some of the best memories you’ll make in your house happen outdoors! It’s those summer afternoons with the kids or late-evening barbecue dinners with neighbors. The right furniture creates the perfect backdrop. Not only that, but it extends your living space to the great outdoors!

Start by creating seating areas fit for a magazine. Frontgate has many cohesive collections, making it easy to get the look you want. Whether you desire homey wicker finishes or prefer the durability of wrought iron or metal, you’ll find it here. Best of all, you’ll find multiple pieces in the same style!

Get a large outdoor sofa, a couple of side chairs, and even some coffee tables or bar stools. Creating a put-together look is a cinch when you find a style you like.

More functional items are up for grabs, too. Have a pool? Check out the pool floats, accessories, and loungers. They’re perfect for a summer afternoon of watery fun. Towels, racks, mats, and more make it easy to enjoy a cool dip.

Frontgate also carries umbrellas to shield you from the sun, heaters to battle the winter cold, and covers to protect your investment from exposure. Whatever you need to create the backyard oasis of your dreams is available from Frontgate.

Moving inside, Frontgate can be a valuable resource for decorating every room! The living room collection has some fantastic sofas in distinct styles. Whether you go classic or modern, you’ll find a piece that ties the entire room together.

The same goes for the bedroom. Impressively made chests, drawers, beds, and more are available. It’s an interior designer’s dream! Like the outdoor collection, Frontgate offers many lines in similar styles. Look through the catalog to find your favorite, and there’s a good chance that complementary pieces with the same aesthetic are available. That applies to bedroom furniture, dining room collections, and more.

Of course, you can always mix and match your heart’s desire. Get separates and create a look that fits your family and home. The sky’s the limit, and there are no rules you need to follow. The only thing that matters is that you love it!

If you know anything about interior design, you know that big furniture pieces are only a tiny part of the puzzle. More minor details fill the gaps and create a genuinely lived-in feel.

We’re talking about bed linens, curtains, bathroom towels, and all those smaller interior design items you need as finishing touches. Frontgate has you covered in all regards!

Check out the bed and bath collection to find cozy textiles for sleeping, bathing, and more. Then, head over to the tabletop selection to see all the pieces you need to host a killer party. Invest in serving dishes, barware, fine dinnerware, and more!

No matter what type of home items you’re looking for, Frontgate won’t disappoint. The Frontgate catalog is also a fantastic source of inspiration for any budding interior designer. See how these beautiful pieces look in a real-world setting and model your home after what you see. With pages and pages of inspiration, you’ll have no problem finding pieces you will cherish for decades.