Garrett Wade Catalog

Garrett Wade Catalog

Are you someone who can’t help but tinker? Maybe you get restless unless you’re not working on a grand project. Or perhaps you’re a professional artist looking to expand your horizons. You might even be someone looking to discover a new outlet to put your creative energy towards on the weekends. Whatever the case might be, the Garrett Wade catalog is a must-have.

Garrett Wade caters to creatives and those who love to work with their hands. Whether you’re a pro or a novice looking to get into crafting, there are tons to discover. No matter your vice, you’re bound to find something that scratches that creative itch.

Like most makers and tinkerers, you probably have a growing collection of tools in your workshop. Garrett Wade is a great place to shop if you want your workshop to get even more massive.

Find tools to enhance your capabilities. Learn how to use both traditional and modern tools while growing your collection. You’ll find everything from drill bits you can use with your power tools to old-school push drills!

Of course, you’ll find all the usual tools like wrenches, pliers, paintbrushes, etc. But the thing about the goods you find at Garrett Wade is that they’re built to last. Many of these products are made for both display and practical use. Show them off and pass them down to others when you’re ready to upgrade. Whether you keep them for only a few short years or they become your old reliables for decades, these aren’t tools that will fail you anytime soon.

The cool thing about the workshop tools from Garrett Wade is that they can appeal to any hobby. Find small-scale tools for modelmaking or full-sized tools for working around the house. There’s something for every hands-on situation.

If you’re a woodworker, you’ll love the items at Garrett Wade. It’s hard to find high-quality tools that last. While power tools are excellent for efficiency, sometimes, you want to enjoy the process. Garrett Wade makes that possible. Find everything from chisels and handsaws to calipers and vises. It’s all here.

But that’s not all.

Garrett Wade offers furniture items to store all your workshop tools! Get a stunning storage cabinet or a portable toolbox. The storage boxes and chests will keep your tools safe without that messy workshop look.

Prefer to flex your green thumb outside? Gardening is one of the most calming and rewarding hobbies. It takes a lot of patience, but harvesting the fruits of your labor is a memorable experience. When you shop from the Garrett Wade catalog, you can invest in your gardening hobby.

Discover products that make your life easier. For example, hand shovels, pruners, pole saws, edgers, and more can be found. Like the workshop tools, these aren’t your poorly made gardening accessories. Many of these items are impeccably made and capable of lasting decades with proper care. High-quality metals, leather protective cases, and more make them worthy of display, too!

Don’t forget about the oversized essentials. Invest in watering cans you can show off, premium watering hoses, and all the outdoor decorations you could ever want to make your garden a place of relaxation.

If your hobby of choice involves cooking and masterful cuisine, Garrett Wade has you covered. Uncover beautifully made cookware and utensils. Once again, these products are some of the best around. Whether you choose kitchen staples or quirkier cooking gadgets you never knew you needed, you can rest easy knowing that your investment will last.

Find products to make specialty food items like hard cider or ravioli. Then, buy long-lasting dishes like stoneware casserole dishes or spun iron loaf pans.

There’s no shortage of exceptional items in the Garrett Wade catalog. These goods can take your skills to the next level. Invest in products that last and reach your full potential as a creator!