Michigan Bulb Catalog

The new Michigan Bulb Company catalog has everything gardeners need to liven up their yards this spring and summer. Start by choosing from a huge array of annuals and perennials like tulips, calla lilies, daffodils, dahlias, and dozens of other bulb flowers. Bring color and vibrancy to any garden or yard by adding unique plants like pink muhly grass, milkweed, tango hummingbird mint, and other brightly colored shrubs and grasses.

Need to cover large areas of the yard to hide bare patches and thinning grasses? Look no further than the ground cover plants in this season’s free catalog. Choose from crawlers and sprawling flowers like red carpet phlox, sedum carpet, variegated liriope, and Snow in Summer, among others. All of these sprawling plants are marked down to seasonal low prices, allowing gardeners to buy the right quantities for their yards this year.

Michigan Bulb Company also has a huge inventory of edible plants for sale this season. Find berries, fruit trees, and other edibles that grow well in any garden. Use the online resources to discover what plants grow best for each environment and type of weather. Look forward to harvesting strawberries, oranges, and other edibles later in the late summer and early fall.

All of the plants and flowers offered by Michigan Bulb Company are marked down to the lowest prices of the season. However, save even more money by taking advantage of the online shopping discount. Also, use the free promotional ad to get a free rose bush.