Breck's Gardening Catalog

Landscaping has never been easier thanks to the new Breck’s catalog. It offers everything novice and experienced gardeners need to bring new life to any lawn or garden. Each free catalog is filled with new varieties of flowers and plants as well as favorites that have proven to thrive each spring and summer. Get started shopping today with the free catalog that is available online now.

Need to know what plants grow best in your area? Use the free garden zone resource on the Breck’s website. Type in the appropriate zip code or city and state to find out what plants and flowers are best suited for the climate and environment.

On the lookout for flowers that will add color, beauty, and appealing scents to the yard? Look no further than some of the newest additions that Breck’s is offering this season. Choose from vibrant and colorful flowers like brilliant miniature hollycock or lipstick blonde hosta. Also, consider options like big blue sea holly or ruby port columbine to add interesting patterns and dimensions to the garden this year.

Need to stock up on gardening supplies before spring? Start with Breck’s selection of lawn and garden care tools. Get items like watering cans, planters, and fertilizer at affordably low prices. Also add decorative items like hummingbird feeders, gnome or angel statues, birdbaths, and other fixtures that will attract wildlife and spruce up any yard. Shopping for your lawn and garden this year just got easier with all of the new inventory available from Breck’s today.