Ballard Designs Catalog

Ballard Designs Catalog

Make your dream home a reality with Ballard Designs. This online catalog has everything you need to build a tasteful, comfortable, and unique home that will make you feel happy and satisfied. Classic designs are paired with modern, bohemian, and elegant pieces that ensure you will find the perfect look you desire.

Though the Ballard Designs catalog boasts a number of advantages over other catalogs, one of its beat qualities lies in its extensive style and ease of use. No longer will home shopping be overwhelming. Browse any style you desire in this free catalog, such as handcrafted Italian furniture from the exclusive Casa Florentina collection, a tasteful line that exudes both tradition and elegance. Or, shop modern statements like geometric brass chandeliers from Hadley. The visual impact comes from the collection’s stylish simplicity and unique charm.

Ballard Designs also boasts a wide range of outdoor decor to create your ideal outdoor oasis. Tasteful collections make it easy to find the feel and fashion you desire. Select from the chic Bermuda, classic Cafe, colonial Ceylon, comfortable Bermuda, or many more. You’ll find hammocks, chaises, swings, dining sets, and loungers of all kinds, perfect for any weather and outdoor atmosphere.

Another beauty of Ballard Designs is its option to customize furniture. The catalog has a section to view customizable pieces. Furthermore, collections such as Casa Florentina allow you to select specific color finishing, and the extent of options in style and fashion enables you to choose from multiple collections and create the unique look you desire.

Your home is your sanctuary. Design your dream home with a free Ballard Designs catalog request today.