Wolferman's Catalog

Wolferman's Catalog

Who doesn’t love some baked goods? Tasty treats are a universally loved gift. They offer a wonderful culinary experience that suits anyone’s palate. Whether you’re shopping for someone you know well or an acquaintance whose gift preferences are a mystery, you can’t go wrong with gourmet treats.

Wolferman’s is a fine purveyor of all things gourmet! The Wolferman’s catalog is filled to the brim with treats that will please any perceptive palate. Find signature crowd-pleasers and uncover that perfect gift for those with an eye for the finer things!

If you’re shopping for a specific event or occasion, Wolferman’s has you covered. Find curated sets that deliver the message you’re looking for. Pick up tasty birthday bundles, packages to show your appreciation, and more. You can even find holiday sets or “just because” kits to liven up any potluck meal!

The snacks you’ll find in these Wolferman’s gift sets are nothing short of fantastic. Wolferman’s bakery has hundreds of mouth-watering recipes that are universally adored! If you’re craving a continental breakfast, check out the selection of bagels, muffins, waffles, gourmet scones, and more.

Stick to your all-time favorite flavors to keep things traditional. Or, go all out and experience a brand-new culinary experience with more exotic flavors. The choice is yours! Of course, Wolferman’s also has some wonderful mix-and-match sets to let you sample everything the bakery has to offer. Whether you go for curated themed sets that follow a specific flavor profile or a truly random mix, there’s a lot to try out!

The Wolferman’s catalog isn’t just limited to muffins and scones. There’s a world of cuisine to explore! Specialty pastries and gourmet baked goods are just waiting to find their way to your dessert plate! If you prefer bite-sized snacks you can carry, check out the cookies and brownies. The sweet rolls and croissants are up for grabs, too.

Want something that will act as the centerpiece for your next get-together? Try a cake on for size! Wolferman’s selection of cakes is impressive, to say the least! Decadent chocolate cakes, classic bundt cakes, and chef-inspired coffee cakes can take your gathering to the next level. The same goes for Wolferman’s cheesecakes! They add an unforgettably decadent touch.

Wolferman’s baked good selection is vast and caters to a wide range of tastes. Whether you prefer sugary confections or more muted flavors that can accompany tea time, there’s something for everyone. Wolferman’s even makes specialty products. For example, there’s a sizable collection of gluten-free goods that anyone can enjoy!

To complement your main desserts, Wolferman’s has a sizable savory food and pantry selection. The pantry items go well with the bakery’s bread, scones, and muffins! Find preserves and jams in all of your favorite flavors. Pair them with some roasted coffee, fragrant tea, and more.

You can also find dinner-ready meals that come with virtually no prep work! Impress your family and friends with appetizers and entrees that look like a professional chef prepared them. From savory meat platters and full-on country ham roasts to casseroles and quiches, there’s a lot to uncover. Best of all: Everything is easy to prepare in your oven!

Wolferman’s truly is a one-stop shop for everyone on your gift list. No matter what you buy, every product is beautifully presented. Many sets come in carefully crafted boxes with decorative labeling. Some come with keepsake tins, gorgeous wooden trays, or woven baskets. Whatever the case may be, the sets are ready to inspire whoever receives them!

Find your new favorite treat in the Wolferman’s catalog. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, you’ll discover a slew of mouth-watering goods to try out. Live a little and have a taste of what Wolferman’s Bakery has to offer. You won’t regret it!